Filipino Kali/Escrima/Arnis
Filipino Kali - Escrima - Arnis is a Filipino martial arts system that specialises predominantly in the use of sticks, blades and weapon improvisation, from here we learn the forms and art based around the system of Kali and move on this on to teaching the empty hand techniques. Kali is taught diffferently to other arts as it involves working with the weapons first, and the empty hand later, the reasoning behind this is that a Kali practitioner sees the stick simply as an extension of the body, and allowing students to use the range of the stick to learn the movements gives more "room" to apply the technique, once a student is proficient in the use of the stick, they can then move on to working with the empty hand technique which in essence is a tighter movement as you have to work with a closer range in both training and application of the art.

It also allows the student practicing the arts of Kali to become proficient in the use of weapons and at the same time unarmed techniques due to the fact that the unarmed movements are acquired while working using the weapons, allowing the student the time for muscle memory to set in and at the same time conditions practitioners to be able to fight against an armed opponent early on in learning the art.
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